How long after sex can you take a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests are boon to the modern woman. They are an invaluable tool for a woman to decide how to treat her body and handle unexpected pregnancy before it gets too late. Back in the day, the only way a woman knew she was pregnant was by counting the number of days and checking if she had her regular period. This hit and miss calculation could prove to be too inaccurate in helping a woman decide.

This is where a pregnancy test is helpful.

But is there a right time to take the pregnancy test?

Take it just after sex and it will give you a false negative, i.e. a wrong result. So, it is important to take the pregnancy test at the right time. The best time to take the test is when you miss your normal period.

It takes up to a week for the sperm to fertilise an egg and anothere week for the egg to get itself into the uterus. After this, the body will take a while to release the pregnancy-related hormones. The pregnancy test is looking for these hormones and that is why it is important to wait 2-3 weeks before taking the test.

You can take the test at your nearest women’s health center or buy an over-the-counter pregnancy test from a drugstore.

In case you had unprotected sex and don’t wish to get pregnant from it, take a morning-after pill. Known as an Emergency Contraception (EC), this pill will stop unwanted pregnancy up to 5 days after you had sex.

The easiest way to do a home pregnancy test is to pee on the test pen. Depending on the brand, it may show a change in color, a symbol or a word to indicate pregnancy.


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