Sexuality During Pregnancy – Sex life tips –

How can I spice up my sex life during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things to happen to couples. However, for women is a double edged sword since there are so many side issues to contend with. They have to deal with the hardships of pregnancy and giving birth. If that wasn’t hard enough, they also have to contend with the changes in their bodies. Women often feel that they are not sexy after they become pregnant. Some see themselves as being too fat or un-attractive sexually. For them, the last thing on their mind is sex. But that doesn’t stop their partners from needing and wanting it.

Truth is that even when they are experiencing physical discomfort or pain, males do not stop desiring sex. A woman’s growing breasts during pregnancy for example, is something that makes many males horny. It is why pregnant porn is so popular and sought after on adult sites. While some women may not feel sexy while pregnant, for many, it is a fetish. They go crazy and are extremely aroused by women who are carrying a child.

All of these things are enough to spur inquiries on the matter. Both men and women often want to know how they can spice up their sex lives during pregnancy. In truth, sex during pregnancy is important for couples for a number of reasons. After all, the bonding and love hormone called oxytocin is generally released when couples are making love. Luckily, there are several ways people can light the fire in their sex lives during pregnancy.

Consult Your Doctor

Before anything else, you need to speak to your doctor about sex while you are pregnant. Any normal pregnancy will not hurt the baby or cause problems for the woman. But be sure to know that all is well and that you can have sex.

Play Games

Sex toys, role playing and numerous other options are available to make sex better. Not only during pregnancy, but other times. Sexual gadgets or costume  s can add an extra tool for spicing up your sexual experience.

Watch Naughty Movies Together

Couples can learn a lot about sexual positions, intimacy and other things by watching porn together. For instance, handcuffed porn is often viewed by those looking to do kinky stuff in the bedroom. There are other ideas you can get from it. Additionally, men watch lactating porn videos which turns them on.

Plan Dates

Too often, our busy lives interfere with our personal time with our loved ones. Finding time to have sex can become difficult. Make plans and go out on a date or simply to be together with each other for some alone time. It can lead to intimacy and sex.