{talking about myself}

I am going to introduce myself.
see, I have lost a lot of readers lately due to some unpopular posts,
so I'm just going to do this little re-introduction to say,
this is who I am and if you would like to read my blog and
be my friend you can and
if you don't want to then blessings and so long!
though, I really hope you will stay even if you don't agree with me because
I like those I don't agree with. 
so, here's the quick version...

I love Jesus.
We started hanging out when I was 17.
Before that I had no clue who He was.
I went to Jesus punk rock shows.
I got tattoos.
I married my stalker when I just turned 19 and
had only known him for 4 months.
He had a 6 year old kid.
We started having babies, lots and lots of babies.
My husband became a pastor.
We started church planting.
We quit church planting.
We quit church.
We still love Jesus.
 More than ever.
We have always homeschooled.
Now we unschool.
I write because I suck at talking.
I write because my soul pours out in words.
They pour out in a mixture of poetry and prose and
I can't figure out what I write but it's just what I write.
I don't think I'm all that special.
There is no good reason why you should read my blog.
I think children are equal with adults.
I think they should be treated with the same respect adults are treated with.
I think punishment is counterproductive and wrong.
I strive for peace and gentleness.
I often fall short.
I read because it's a lifeline for me,
needed encouragement, support and thought provoking words.
I ask questions, I challenge things, I don't accept things just because it's the normal thing,
that includes the traditions and beliefs of the American Christian church.
I ponder things, I think what if?, I don't make doctrine out of what should be mystery.
I think we have boxed God in,
we have taken one part of Him and made that our only focus and
He is looking at us saying, "Hey!  You have my big toe, you are studying my big toe,
you think you know every crack, every wrinkle, every hair but you only know like
one tiny part of my toe nail and you think that toe is all there is of me!  There is so much more!
So much more.  I have an entire body and you haven't even begun to look."
My husband cusses like a sailor and I'm okay with it and
I don't think God cares one little bit.
I stopped praying, "Dear God, blah,blah... Amen," for a time and
just started chatting with Him in my words, my tone, my way
throughout my day, whenever I had something to say to Him and
suddenly I knew He heard me.
I think pay it forward Christianity is garbage.
I think the idea of the "now and the not yet" in theology is bogus.
I really like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
I love Psych.
I agree that ignorance is bliss and damn it,
I wish I were still ignorant.
I lost a best friend when I stopped attending church.
That sucks.
I have stopped trying to please everyone and so I am finally happy with who I am,
who God created me to be.
I am really strange and think lots of things that people don't agree with and
I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut.  I think sometimes you just have to speak {or write}
and let it be whatever it is.
God has set me on this path and planned this amazing journey for me.
I have a beautiful life.


  1. God made us the way we are, for a reason. Not to be someone different but to birth our own essence fully into this world. We were all dreamed by God before we were even created. It is brave to be true to yourself. It is also a gift to others. I really appreciate your honesty and love your heart. xx

    1. i love you suzy. thank you so much for your support.

  2. Btw ) Just wanted to ask what is pay it forward Christianity and now and not yet theology? xx

  3. pay it forward christianity is the idea that we do good to others, little tiny deeds here and there, sometimes big ones in order to promote kindness and good deeds in them as opposed to the gospel message that we help others and love others because Christ first loved us and He will work on the hearts of others.

    now and not yet theology is an idea first introduced by a theologian named george eldon ladd and it is really big in the churches we were a part of, the idea being that God's power is here now but it has not yet come into it's fullness, so we can pray for healing but sometimes people won't be healed, there is hurt and pain in the world still, all because it's not yet complete. I believe that the kingdom of heaven is now and Christ said, "It is finished."

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to elaborate Amy :) Theology is not my strongest suit :)

  5. I *liked* your unpopular post. I liked that it challenged us to think deeper. Of course, everyone's level of kindness is different, and coffee is nice, but you are absolutely right... why not reach deeper and give more purposefully?
    I like who you are. You are uniquely designed for a purpose of His calling. Keep sharing His love, you never know the hearts you are touching~
    Blessings to you.

  6. Still reading, still loving your blog. Wish you had a like button because I like them all.


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